Strauss-Kahn in a new sex scandal ?

Strauss-Kahn in a new sex scandal ?

ERUPTING NEWS !!! Strauss-Kahn in a new sex scandal?

A call from Mr Strauss-Kahn, now former Head of the IMF and indicted for rape, has appeared in a standard recording during an evaluation to improve service at the Sofitel Hotel in San Francisco. The San Francisco Funicle has gained access to a copy of said recording, and below is an inofficial transcript of what is being said on tape.

(phone rings)

Good evening, this is  Anna at the San Francisco Sofitel Reception, how may I help you?

'Allo 'allo, this is m. Dominix in sweet ... eh ... suite 666!

Hello, what can I do for you, Sir?

Well, you can do me ... eh ... do for me this, I think I need some hoovering in my ryym.

I see, Sir, and you would like me to send up a chambermaid to help you?

O yes! ... eh ... But I would like the special chambermaid, the very special chambermaid!

I'm sorry, Sir, I don't quite follow?

Ah, I would like the chambermaid with the strong hook ... eh ... hoover ...

Come again, please?

O yes! I mean the chambermaid with the strongest suction!

O, you would like the SPECIAL chambermaid because you need an expecially strong hoovering?

Yes, yes, yes!

Alright Sir, try to be patient, and I'll find her as soon as possible and send her up to take care of you.

Aaaaaahhhhhhh ..... thank you! Tell me, Anna, do you 'ave a daughter and do you sometimes take her out?

I'm afraid that's private, Sir. Have a pleasant evening.

My evening will be extremely pleasant if I can have your chambermaid soon!

Okay Sir, I understand and will help you off … eh ... out. Good night, Sir!

Ah ... Thank you two very very much!

(phone down)

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