Celebration of Light

Celebration of Light


Burglars cynically exploits Christmas for their shady misdeeds. As does the elected representatives.

In the dark Nordic winter, many people goes into hibernation. The sparse energy reserves are being used to get through Christmas. And there's New Year's Eve too. It is no wonder that shady forces take advantage of this this dark time. A concrete example:

At January 1, 2013 Minister of Health Astrid Krag (SF ) in collaboration with the DA implemented the so-called 'differentierede behandlingsgaranti' which made citizens outside the labor market subjected to systematic discrimination at the hospitals - in direct violation of the Hippocratic oath. I wrote an article about it - but if we ignore my contribution, no one in the Danish press took up the story. Both journalists and readers were still recovering from Christmas and New Year. No one had the energy to cast light on the matter. Just as predicted by ministers and officials.

At January 1, 2014 the government is trying again the same recipe: At exactly this day, the so-called offentlighedslov will be implemented. A law which have been criticized by previous member of Offentlighedskommisionen, national and international press, experts, youth wings of the political parties, EU, Transparrency International, Amnesty International, CEPOS and OSCE.

Even though the law will soon be implemetened, there are a few people who, despite the darkness of the winter, chooses to light candles against the blackout:




Come join us

A demo without speechs, without music, without banners

Just us standing with light in hand
together against blackout

This is our democracy, Denmark - Meet Up! Torches can be bought for 20,-

December 29. sunday 19:00

Christiansborg Slotsplads, Copenhagen. • Rådhuspladsen, Aarhus
Flakhaven, Odense • Jomfru Ane Parken, Havnefronten, Aalborg
Rådhustorvet, Randers • Foran Kulturhuset, Skanderborg



Celebration of Light in Copenhagen:
Celebration of Light in Aarhus:
Celebration of Light in Odense:
Celebration of Light in Aalborg:
Celebration of Light in Randers:
Celebration of Light in Skanderborg:

The intiative to create the Celebration of Light comes from Susanne Jespersen, who also initiated the online petition 'Nej Tak til den nye offentlighedslov' - which at the time of writing have 88.100 signatures. That's the largest number of signatures on - as well as the largest number of online signatures in Denmark ever.

Rend mig i offentlighedsloven (Article by Susanne Jespersen, in Danish.)

The 88.100 citizens are not the only ones who have expressed their dislike of the law. With the Social Democrats as the only exception, all youth wings of the political parties have protested against the law.

Here's a few soundbites:

SF youth: »When even the International Press Institute, which usually spends his time fighting for press freedom in Belarus and in Nigeria and Bangladesh, have now contacted Morten Bødskov and Helle Thorning Smith and said that they should retract this law, then they should damn well do it!«
Konservativ Youth: »This is not only an undemocratic law, it is also a hypocritical Law - For all the politicians who are going to vote for it, are the same politicians who tell us that it's okay that we are being watched in every a step we take. Because, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Let me turn the question around: What is it thay they want to hide from us?«

Venstre youth: »When it comes to defending and expanding our democracy, we are not primarily liberals and conservatives and socialists. Then we primarily democrats! Democrats who stand together, shoulder by shoulder by shoulder, to defend openness. We say very clearly to politicians: When the will deprive us of our democratic rights - that's where we stand together. That's where we take our stand. This is where we say: No more. Stop!«

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